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Plot #2: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Muse A is sipping tea by the window, watching the rain come down from the comfort of his/her warm, dry home. He/She peers out toward the quiet street just as Muse B rides his/her bike by the house and runs into a huge pothole. It’s a funny sight to behold, the poor soul drenched in muddy water, the front wheel of his/her bike slightly mangled, but ultimately Muse A feels badly for the soaked stranger and decides to intervene. Muse A pulls on a jacket and hurries outside to offer help. It isn’t until Muse B looks up in Muse A’s direction that the two realize they’ve met before..

floribusvirent inquired:
She just simply stares at the women. Unbeknownst to the other, she's entered into a staring contest with a six-year-old.

『§』The woman pokes the girl’s nose.
“Don’t ya’ know it’s rude to stare?”

vehementvolts inquired:
send me a “✎” and ill draw your muse
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do you ever just listen to someone’s problem and you have nothing to say except “I’m sorry” because there is literally no way for you to help and you get sucked into a vortex of guilt and despair because you are useless 


i thought it would be pretty if yam could do the luminescent spores thing that groot can do in guardians of the galaxy


          you’d be surprised,

                          what I’d do for love.

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